Stewart Stephenson

When it comes to fine art, marketing, and overall creative abundance, Stewart Stephenson is an artistic Jedi. Highly collected, both locally and internationally, Stewart has been gaining some serious notoriety in the art world.

In his earlier days, Stewart travelled to galleries around the world to get up close an personal with the work of his predessors, the modern masters. Flash forward five years later to today, he has a giant studio in Yaletown and two very successful galleries, one in Seattle and the other here in Vancouver. 

Known for his large-scale, vibrant paintings and flawless high gloss finishes, some of Stewart’s most recent works have fetched up to a cool $100,000. Not bad, for a man who made his living in the business world,  before abandoning it all to pursue his true calling,  a self-taught artistic genius.

This October, Stewart will be the headlining artist for the much anticipated urban – pop – contemporary art showcase “Art Rapture.” 

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