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State of the Arts Talks

State of the Arts Talks

An hour long talks panel with Vancouver's leading industry professionals.

The “State Of The Arts Talks” is a speaker panel comprised of industry professionals, including gallery curators, professional artists and teachers, sharing their insight and wisdom on what it takes to make it in the art world.

We also host a variety of talks from Creatives in various professions to help our artists improve their skills and networks and help them gain access to a network of individuals from across the creative community.

It is an amazing experience to challenge your artistic boundaries and push your comfort zone. The Vancouver Art Attack did exactly that for me. Thank you Kirsten Larsen and Bill Higginson for the opportunity.

Jolayne Devente
Global Ambassador

Social Media Workshops with Hootsuite

Vancouver Art Attack is proud to present Stephanie a Global Ambassador lead, seasoned public speaker and social media superstar at Hootsuite head quarters in Vancouver. Hootsuite is a world leader in social media management.

Stepahnie has provided a 45 min talk and workshop on the importance of social media and will be sharing with us tips and tricks on how you too can become social media savvy.

Our Goal

​Our goal is simple: bridge the gap between the students, the artists and those who collect and appreciate art, while making art accessible to the public.

Our Mission

Provide a platform to showcase artistic talents on a national and international stage, while having the opportunity to meet and connect with potential art collectors, galleries and the public.


​Vancouver Art Attack is proud to have a proven track record of introducing first time buyers to buying orignal, one of a kind art works.