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Every year we aim to bring you a diverse group of artists – The artist line up is always hand-picked. Each artist represents a different technique, medium, style and skill set, some are recent graduates, members of the Federation of Canadian Artists, championship live painters, award winners, teachers, students and members of the Coast Mental Health Art Room Studio. They all have one thing in common, the love of ART!

Art attack was such an exciting challenge for me to take part in. “it was so refreshing”. I enjoyed the community of people and art in this exciting high energy situation. We all came together for the cause.
Thank-you again for the big part you played in this!

Carmel Clare

From the Community

  • Art Attack was a very high energy event. I love painting to good music as it really keeps me in the groove. I have to admit that the pressure was on! I usually take 10-20 hours to complete a piece in my studio. It was really inspiring to see other artists complete their amazing works in such a short amount of time.

    There was a lot of diversity in style and subject matter, that was very refreshing. I felt that the caliber of artists was high and that made me feel proud to be included as one of them. I also enjoy contributing to a good cause. I hope to have the opportunity to participate in Art Attack again!

  • I had a great time participating in Vancouver Art Attack. Fantastic artists all around, beautiful sunshine and a great atmosphere.I Particularly enjoyed walking around from time to time, having a little break from my painting and chatting with my fellow artists and watching over their shoulders.

    Although my painting did not get sold during the auction, Kirsten managed very quickly to find a buyer. And after bringing each other in contact I am very happy to report that I have been commissioned by him for another painting!

    Peter Martin
  • It was pleasure being a part of Vancouver Art Attack. I could paint freely in a comfortable 4 hours without the burden that comes with live competitive painting and I think my work turned out better for it. I realized that my work was being influenced by the circumstances.

    I loved the auction system at the end. It brings a serious element to the work created and you feel like you are getting more attention and recognition as an artist. Regardless of the work being sold or not, seeing your work in the auction is surely something extra ordinary and I loved the entertaining value of it.

    Much appreciated and look for the next event, I would be more than willing to do it again for sure.

    Jace Kim
  • It was fun painting alongside so many different artists and meeting people outside of my circle.

    Mandy Tsung
  • I took part in the Vancouver Art Attack on September 12, 2013 at the Waterfall Building in Vancouver. It is one of a number of live painting events that have sprung up in Vancouver over the last couple of years. This event was unusual in that it was held in a prestigious location, and was very professionally managed, in a manner designed specifically to attract art investors.

    In time, the event could provide a compelling forum to allow investors to witness the creation of work by some of Vancouver’s most talented artists, and pick them up at an attractive price.

    Jeff Wilson
  • As one of the attending artists I wanted to thank you for your invitation to the 2013 Vancouver Art Attack this past September. As I break into the arena of professional artists it’s important to me to be breaking ground in our beautiful downtown core of Vancouver. To me- it’s here where much of our multicultural roots culminate into what is known as Canadian West Coast Art. To have been part of this group of ultra-talented artists, producing such a vast spectrum of beautiful work was a great honor.

    The concept of the event was not only innovative but the energy was palpable from the first marks on the canvas to the last sip of wine. I truly believe this will become a highly sought after event by both artists and attendees.

    Brian Coombs
  • Vancouver Art Attack was an incredible opportunity for all us artists to showcase our work. Painting live on location presents opportunities for the public to interact with the artists and learn a little more about the process. I thought the event was very professionally handled, beautiful location, great food and wine and entertainment! Thank you to all the organizers for all their hard work!

    Ann Willsie
  • It was an amazing experience, great location, quality artists, and art.

    Marney Rose- Edge
  • I was honoured and lucky to have the opportunity to participate in Art Attack. But I was very intimidated and frankly a little scared. The venue was beautiful, the weather perfect, the waterfall next to me calmed me with white noise, and I had a great time. The other painters were all so supportive of one another, the organizers and observers so chill and kind.

    The party afterward was lovely, the band and was excellent. I was shocked, humbled, and truly unworthy to have sold the piece afterward at the auction – for I am by no means a good painter yet, and far below the caliber of my colleagues. I would definitely do it again and would recommend anyone to participate or observe.

    When I wasn’t in the zone of my inner world, it was extraordinary to see the others at their work.

    Ole Eldor
  • Amazing group of artists and energy. The venue was spectacular, the food in the evening was amazing. It was a great day to paint!

    Susie Cipolla
  • It is an amazing experience to challenge your artistic boundaries and push your comfort zone. The Vancouver Art Attack did exactly that for me. Thank you Kirsten Larsen and Bill Higginson for the opportunity.

    Jolayne Devente
  • Art Attack 2013 was my first ever live art show participation, and was a spectacular experience! It pushed me way outside my comfort zone and proved to myself what I was capable of. I am very proud of what I created! I had so much fun creating at an event full of amazingly creative and talented artists! The creative energy in the air that day was potent to say the least I am honoured to have been chosen to be there! Thank you.

    Elias Von Ussner
  • What stood out for me the most from Art Attack 2013 is the high quality of the artwork, and the opportunity to connect directly with art appreciators. I enjoyed sharing my story with others while in the throws of the time-driven creative experience, and I appreciated the observations and feedback from onlookers. I look forward to next year’s event!

    Lalita Hamill
  • This was my second live painting experience. Vancouver Art Attack was a fun and exciting painting experience. A race against time, where the brushes danced to the morning light, in one of the most beautiful naturally well lit art spaces I have seen in Vancouver.

    It was a great pleasure to work alongside great artists and learn from their techniques and critiques. It was a great opportunity to expose my comical messages. It was also great to see that Art Attack was fair to the content and what the artists stand for and I thank the crew for everything that was done there.

    Bashar Sawalha